Worlds away.

Some of you might have read this post in which I wrote, less than eight weeks ago, how dry it was here. I called it “a dry and weary land” in which I spoke of how there was no water due to lack of rain. Now, in a “wet and worried” land, people lack for water and food because of being inundated with rain. As we watch this most recent disaster happen from the sidelines (we are fine here in La Ceiba), what are we to make of this place? More importantly, what are we to make of this God who withholds rain and then disperses it in such abundance as to overwhelm rivers and water distribution systems? Is God playing some evil joke on us? Surely some us, if we can be honest, have asked this question. Surely someone in these poor villages is asking it even now. I am just beginning to see how extreme the extremes are here in this place. The weather only magnifies it right now.

Extremes are mitigated in the USA – lose your job – unemploymnet – disaster – red cross – FEMA

Extremes are important for understanding the nature of God and for understanding the nature of gratitude

Paul’s extreme hardships

The Honduran people here are teaching us this in the gracious way in which they endure a lifelong struggle – magnified by these recent storms.

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