Why isn’t the compass on your website pointing north?

Why isn’t the compass on your website pointing north? (Yes, this is a trick question!)

When you see this picture on our website, you might think, as I first did, that the compass is broken, seemingly pointing to the south southwest. For the purposes of our discussion, let’s assume that the compass is not broken. The compass is pointing north, but the compass has not yet been oriented to the north. We would have to pick this compass up and turn it until the “N” faces the same direction as the needle is pointing, and only then we would be oriented correctly. This is the thing about compasses – they tell us where north is – but we have to orient to what the compass is telling us before we are pointing in the right direction. I’m sure by now, you see the very important analogy that we are trying to draw with this picture and the important truth that it is telling us. The Bible always points north, towards truth, but we must orient ourselves to that truth and, indeed, continually keep doing so during our journey to keep from getting lost. In ministry, there are a thousand ways to get off course. We’ll look at some of these in future posts. But, for now, let’s all take a true reading on the word of God and make sure that we are oriented to it and not trying to orient it to what we feel is true or best. Here are a few suggestions for good compass (direction) calibration points.