What are you looking for?

Marinajo asked me an interesting question this morning. “What negatives have you seen so far?” After thinking for a minute, I answered that I wasn’t looking for any, so none had appeared. I’m really glad she asked the question, because it lead me to think about something that I think is an important lesson in life. There are plenty of “challenges” here (I’m not just using semantics to exchange the word problem for challenge), but I think in all of life, you’re going to find what you are looking for. If you are looking for negatives, there’s plenty to be found, in Mississippi, or in Colorado, or yes – here in Honduras. If you’re looking for God’s hand and direction, your not going to find a lot of negatives. We had to pay a bunch of money to fly down here and we are going through a very formal process of “trying to discern God’s will for our lives”, so that makes it easy to know what we are doing – we are looking for God’s will. The challenge lies in looking for God’s will in our daily lives, not when the spotlight is illuminating everything – but rather when we wander around in the dim light of the routine. How’s your outlook right now? Are you actively looking for God’s will in your life? What is God doing in your life? If your answer is “nothing”, then it is probably because you aren’t looking. If all you see is negatives, you probably aren’t looking for the right thing. I’m not preaching, just sharing something that is more clear to me today than at any time before. I hope it helps you as well.