The Supremacy Of The Lord Jesus Christ

I awoke tonight thinking about the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do hope that this doesn’t sound too spiritual. My thoughts tonight have mainly been on how poorly I reflect His supremacy in my daily life! One the one hand, I am aware of the centrality of Christ “in whom and for whom all things were created” (Col 1:16), and yet on the other hand, I realize how small of a portion of my daily life is lived out of that reality.
As you read in these pages of our journey to Honduras and of a life that is dedicated to missions work, don’t think for a second that we’ve achieved some higher level of spirituality. This type of thinking only works in other religions (Hinduism, for example). I don’t know that there is a higher spiritual plane in Christianity. I think we all start off on the same level playing field (steeped in sin) and it is only through the redeeming work of Christ through the Holy Spirit that we have our minds renewed to right thinking (orthodoxy) about Christ and His supremacy. Lastly, there is a significant role for our will to play in all of this. We have to will that God would work in and through us, I think, in order for that redeeming work to really “have its way in us”. God grant that my will be conformed to the redeeming work of the Spirit in my life and that my consciousness be more and more attuned to the supremacy of Christ! Amen.