Summer 2018 highlights

  • New cabinets! (and lots of outdoor cooking while said new cabinets were being built / installed out of concrete as the old ones had been eaten by termites.)
  • Ben going to Dallas for Quest and spending a week with our wonderful Dallas family before Uncle Bruce dropping him off at Quest. (See Ben’s blog post about Quest here.)
  • Ben spending 4 weeks at Quest camp in Big Springs, TX with Alert Academy. Theme: Choosing Christlike Manhood
  • Joining Ben and other family members in Big Springs for Ben’s graduation
  • 2 weeks in Nashville! Wonderful time with Mariah and Nate!
  • 2 weeks in Colorado and time with Archie, Kip and Patsy.

Push “Play” > in the lower left hand corner of the slide show below or use the left and right arrows <> on the edges to blaze through them at your own speed!

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