Scorching Hot!

The last two weeks of April were quite possibly the hottest two and half weeks of my life.  It was absolutely scorching here.  We struggled just to get by some days.  I am quite sure that it was over a hundred degrees in my office on several occasions.  One note of incredible comfort though, our new house has an air conditioner in the bedroom.  We laughed at it when we first moved into the house and swore we would never need to use it – but those couple of weeks brought us to our proverbial knees.  We would set the a/c to 80 degrees and it would just take the edge of the heat off enough to let us sleep at nights.  We would do this with not a little amount of guilt knowing that several of the missionaries down here didn’t have that option (a.c) and really suffered trying to sleep at night during that same time.  

My hero, Oswald Chambers, served as a chaplain in a WW1 British camp during the summers in North Africa.  He and his family served the Lord in unimaginable heat and did so with grace and perseverance (and he had to wear a tie and long sleeves every day).  This makes me feel all the more “weak” by enjoying such amazing modern comforts out here in the Jungle where we serve.   Even with all of our guilt, we are so thankful for the Larson family (former missionaries here) that built this house and spent the money to put a/c in the bedroom.  What a blessing!