I have had the privilege of working alongside David and Marinajo, to observe their caring manner, their ability to seek the practical solution while never losing track of the spiritual component of a life struggle, that blend of humor and hospitality that promotes an atmosphere of safety in talking, in sharing, and in just being in quiet reflection. Their own experience as global workers has left them sensitive to those particular issues that members of that community routinely face. Their ministry provides a safe place for retreat, plus where needed, sound counsel, all toward the goals of rest, restoration, and redemption.
Professional Mentor
I have had the opportunity to know Dave and Marinjo over several years. They opened their home to me on many occasions and took me in after a surgery for recovery. They were my home away from home and I always found solace and easy conversation with them, even on some difficult situations. I founded (my ministry) over twenty years ago and all has not been smooth sailing. I found that through my difficulties, I could consult with them about my struggles and they always had time to listen, asked poignant questions and pointed me in the right direction. We had many conversations and they always led me to look at what Christ would have me say or do. I didn’t find it strange at all for them to make the transition to Christian Counselors as that is what they have always done and it comes naturally for them. They are Godly people grateful for all the Lord has done and want to share the Good Word for the sake of His Kingdom.
My wife and I have met with Dave and Marinajo a few times now and we feel very comfortable sharing our true struggles with them. We know that the Fields will listen to us, ask careful questions of us, and ultimately give us wisdom that points us to Christ. We're immensely thankful for their continued role in our marriage.
"G" and "K"
When my son shared with me part of the struggle he was going through I immediately thought about Dave Fields. I have known Dave for several years and knew he would put my son at ease as well as be a great listener. I also knew that he would be aware and empathetic to the challenges of a kid growing up cross culturally. I was very pleased with the progress my son was able to make and appreciate the gentle manner in which Dave interacted with him. I recommend him for young people and especially M K's. I also recommend Marinajo to ladies who would benefit from someone to talk to. She approaches everything from a Biblical perspective and points everyone back to Christ as she listens and guides.