Reading Glasses – Help Others See

It is a beautiful Wednesday morning, which for me means I am in the Eyeglass Clinic at Hospital Loma de Luz. I have a break between patients and decided to share a praise and a petition: Last fall the Eyeglass Clinic received a very generous donation of new reading glasses in current styles. Before we received this donation came we were at desperately low levels of nearly every magnification of reading glasses. It has been so wonderful to actually offer options for my patients who need reading glasses. This donation has been a blessing for my patients as well as me! ere’s my petition: We are still critically low in reading glasses that have a magnification of 1.0 or less as well as 3.0 and above. I understand that at stores like The Dollar Tree or Family Dollar you can find inexpensive as well as stylish reading glasses. $25 worth of these inexpensive reading glasses from your family, home group, or bible study group would be a HUGE BLESSING! If only 10 people or groups would be willing to buy $25 worth of these readers the clinic would be set for reading glasses for over a year. I often am told by my patients that they can’t read their bible anymore because the words are cloudy or blurred. Often the older ladies complain that they can’t see the hole of the needle or the end of the thread to sew. The younger generation usually tells me that their eyes get tired while they’re studying. The lovely elderly women trying to repair their grandchild’s tattered clothes need the stronger magnification and the youths trying to get an education need the lower – both of which I have nearly nothing to offer them.

Please let me know via FB, email, or this blog if you’d like to help out and bless the beautiful people on the north coast of Honduras where we serve.