Readers and Cheaters Galore!

 Overwhelming! Over-flowing! Filled to the brim!  These words describe both the condition of my heart and the current inventory of reading glasses in the Eyeglass Clinic at Hospital Loma de Luz! I am so very thankful for your amazing & compassionate generosity. The response to my plea for donated reading glasses for our clinic has put me in a pleasant bind: Where to store the extra inventory that I have!? 

When I opened the plastic bin (see photo ) I was amazed. It was literally filled to the brim with over 300 donated reading glasses and sunglasses! I would like to thank the friends and family that so graciously donated these glasses. The Eyeglass Clinic is set for readers for more than a year, possibly two! Thank you Leticia (who also sent some homemade glass cases), Bill (and your youth group!), Carol, Lisa, Tammy (who has volunteered in the Eyeglass Clinic), Roberta (who helped inventory all of these glasses!) Corina, and Jacksonville Pres. for blessing us so much! Thank you Amber for collecting and packing all the glasses at your house and bringing them down.
I have had fun letting ladies choose from different styles for their reading glasses. This is a big deal – really. All the new glasses are so pretty!