Prayer Request ~ Traveling to Honduras


I will traveling to Honduras starting tomorrow for 10 days. Marinajo and I would ask for your prayers for protection, peace, and discipline here at home for she and the kids as well as safety for me as I travel.

I will be in La Ceiba Honduras (a town of about 100,000) from Monday (8/18) through Thursday (8/21). Here’s a quick prayer list for the time that I am in La Ceiba:
The ability to get a Post Office Box setup
The ability to get a Bank Account setup
Language school arrangements made for October
Find and move some furniture and appliances into our rental house

Then I will be at the hospital from Thursday (8/21) through Wednesday (8/27) and then returning home on the 28th. Here’s a quick prayer list for the time that I am at the hospital:
Good communications between me and the staff as we lay the groundwork for two big IT projects.
The ability to help with all of the various IT problems that I’ll encounter while I am there
A servant’s heart and the ability to listen and discern
**That I could be an encouragement to a tired and short-handed staff – that God would use me in this way
**The opportunity to pray with the staff and with patients at the hospital

Lastly – my dad, Dennis, will be travelling with me. Please pray for good health for both of us, patience with each other, for a good time of communication, and a renewing of our friendship.

Keep an eye on the blog as I will try and post at the end of each day.

In our Western Christian culture, it is often common for someone to say “I’ll be praying for you brother” and then in the business of the day we completely forget to really pray. I know that I’ve been very guilty of this in the past. I have such a different attitude about prayer now – so I am asking you to please sincerely pray for these items and for my family while I am gone.

Thank you so much!

Dave and Marinajo Fields