New Ultrasound! Yeah!

The following note came from Dr. Leon Greene, the cardiologist here at Loma de Luz. For years, the hospital has been needing a good ultrasound machine, and by God’s provision, we now have the BEST!

Hey, all those of you interested in ultrasound (now I’ve eliminated about 75% of the readers)-

Blessings! We just acquired a (NEW) GE Vivid-e BT-10, 2010 model, ultrasound machine. GE released this model only last Friday – it’s the latest and greatest. It comes with adult and a pediatric cardiac transducers. I’m not sure if I will have it in my hands by Friday when I begin the trip back to Honduras, but we’ll at least have it within the next few weeks. Friends and contacts at GE and a Christian group called MedPro Imaging pulled their collective strings to make this happen. It wasn’t free (they got it for us at about half-price), but we were able to purchase it with money we had in a ministry medical equipment fund. So PTL! It will be useful for abdominal/OB and could be used for vascular, too, if we later are able to get the vascular probe.

Thanks to everyone for praying for this machine over the last 3 years, and to those of you who also tried to get a machine from other sources. We’ll have the best ultrasound available to mankind in a few days/weeks! Now all we need is someone who actually knows how to use it properly.