In a scene that is all too familiar here in Central America,  an important businesswoman was kidnapped in La Ceiba (about an hour away) and then brought to San Luis, a town very close to here (3-4 miles away) and held hostage for five days.

The story is that this lady would often go to the windows of the house where she was being held hostage and try and alert someone that she needed help.  Someone reported this and a special kidnapping task force from La Ceiba raided the house on Wednesday night and rescued the woman alive – but the kidnappers seemed to have all escaped.   This meant that the kidnappers were at large in our immediate area – a fact that gave us all some pause and caused us to be extra careful  with our travel .   This also caused us to pray for security since for a couple of days we were unsure as to the location of the kidnappers.  In truth we are still unsure of the location of these people, but as time moves on it seems less likely that they are still in the area.
Lastly, we know that one of the policemen from the kidnapping taskforce died here Wednesday night, apparently while trying to apprehend the kidnappers.  The story in all of the papers is that he was chasing one of them when he either fell in the river or tried to cross the river and drowned.  The police get a bad rap here – often corrupt and untrustworthy.  This policemen seems to have died while trying very hard to do the right thing.