Flying over Cozumel Mexico

Monday 12 May – around 11:30 CDT Somewhere over the gulf…….
We are about 40 minutes away from San Pedro Sula now. We’ve just flown over Cozumel Mexico and it is a sight I won’t soon forget. It was as if God had outlined the coast with a bright green/blue highlighter and said – “look here” all around the coast line. We now look off to our right and see Belize – again, incredible.
Another thing that is so noticeable is the friendliness of the people. Those of you who have travelled in Latin America will I’m sure recognize this feeling of friendliness that seems to take the idea of southern hospitality and just build on it. A smile is ALWAYS met with a bigger smile. A greeting is most sincerely returned. We are not yet fluent in Spanish, but we know enough to converse haltingly. People are patient and encouraging with our attempts to speak to them in Spanish.
I listened to a sermon by Paul Washer on prayer on over the last hour. If you ever need a good dose of humility, feel free to dial up and listen to Bro Paul sermons. His ministry to the body is one of conviction.
As we begin our descent – there is a real sense that this is where the adventure begins. Lord, please keep our eyes open to see what you would have for us.