Buying Viagra for the Glory of Christ!

Buying Viagra for the glory of Jesus Christ. This blog post is based on another missionary’s post and this one will be a lot easier if you stop for a minute and read their blog post (from which this one is based) first.  Here is the link:   (hint, I show up towards the […]

Making the need known.

We are writing to let you know about a change in our financial situation and some upcoming needs that we are praying about.  As most of you know, God has chosen to support us through a combination of funds from Dave’s business in the USA as well as regular monthly supporters.  Our total monthly budget […]

Our Ministry Video (and an amazing fashion statement!)

I suspect many people wonder what in the heck we really do here at Loma de Luz and probably are just too polite to ask us. This video does a really good job of explaining what it is we DO do (anyone catch that reference – hint- Young Frankenstein) here at Loma de Luz. We […]

Making Connections

The past few weeks have been quite busy and eventful to the Glory of God!!! Two weeks ago we welcomed Dr. David Moon, an Optician, and his assistant, Jennifer Rodli to the Eyeglass Clinic at Loma de Luz. Their first morning I joined them at El Camino Bilingual School, a ministry of Loma de Luz, […]

List of books and sermons.

I’ve told so many people about these books and sermons recently that someone suggested that I just go ahead and put the list here on the blog.  Here’ goes.   Sermon – 10 Shekels and a Shirt – Paris Reidhead Sermon – Doing Missions When Dying is Gain – John Piper Book – When Helping […]

An Open Letter to Redeemer Bible Church in Brighton, Colorado.

To our dear friends at Redeemer Bible Church: We wanted to stop for just a minute and tell you thank you for your love and care for us over these past seven months. We thought we should back up and tell you a little bit about ourselves for those of you who we haven’t been […]

Fields Family Furlough 2015 – Weeks 5 and 6

This will really be a quick synopsis of weeks 5 and 6 of our 2015 furlough.  I’m sorry that I haven’t taken more time to stay caught up on events as we travel as it is so easy to lose the memories that make each place special.  Week 5 took us from my dear Aunt […]

Fields Family Furlough 2015 – Weeks 3 and 4

Since were only halfway through our furlough and I’m already behind on the blog, I’m going to combine weeks 3 and 4 into one blog post.   First, a quick report on where we were and some of what we did: week three started out with us in Jacksonville OR, the recipients of the wonderful […]

Fields Family Furlough 2015 – Week 2

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”] bu·oy ˈbo͞oē,boi/ Noun – an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards, or for mooring. [/dt_quote] We are here, in Brookings OR, on the Southern Oregon coast.  And when I say on the coast, I mean it.  Some friends have given us their vacation […]

Fields Family Furlough 2015 – Week 1

There is so much background here that I don’t know if I want to take the time to tell or that anyone would find it interesting.  There was the really challenging part of finding a car in Kent WA and a person (a friend of a friend) who was willing to let us send him […]