Buying Viagra for the Glory of Christ!

Buying Viagra for the glory of Jesus Christ. This blog post is based on another missionary’s post and this one will be a lot easier if you stop for a minute and read their blog post (from which this one is based) first.  Here is the link:   (hint, I show up towards the […]

Making the need known.

We are writing to let you know about a change in our financial situation and some upcoming needs that we are praying about.  As most of you know, God has chosen to support us through a combination of funds from Dave’s business in the USA as well as regular monthly supporters.  Our total monthly budget […]

Our Ministry Video (and an amazing fashion statement!)

I suspect many people wonder what in the heck we really do here at Loma de Luz and probably are just too polite to ask us. This video does a really good job of explaining what it is we DO do (anyone catch that reference – hint- Young Frankenstein) here at Loma de Luz. We […]

Ben’s Quest

Dear Family and Friends, I have recently been accepted to a four-week intensive camp, called Quest. Quest, is a camp for young men who want to grow in faith, maturity, and readiness for life. At this camp young men are taught real world applicable skills ranging from basic auto care to emergency response and first […]

An Open Letter to Redeemer Bible Church in Brighton, Colorado.

To our dear friends at Redeemer Bible Church: We wanted to stop for just a minute and tell you thank you for your love and care for us over these past seven months. We thought we should back up and tell you a little bit about ourselves for those of you who we haven’t been […]

My Eulogy for my Dad’s Funeral

Read Daddy’s history from the class reunion.  (I’m sorry I don’t have this document anymore) Many of you here knew my daddy during the early years of his life. I bet a memory of a time you had with Artie crossed your mind as I read his biography. In the past week I’ve heard some […]

Mariah’s Class Trip: How God Made It Happen

One day this past spring Mariah asked her daddy, “Daddy, the last couple of weeks my history teacher and the kids in my class have been talking about a class trip this summer. I haven’t mentioned it because I know it probably can’t happen, but if it could happen, would you let me go?” For […]

2011 Honduras MK Camp

This is what Mariah, Benny, and some 60 other MK kids and counselors were up to last week. Many thanks to all of the counselors and coordinators for making this such a memorable week. Thanks to Nate and Gabe McKenney for their work during camp and for putting the video together. As you can see, […]