Can’t sleep.

Can’t sleep tonight – so I thought I’d try and write down some brief notes about the past couple of weeks:

Luis is a patient who swallowed (Lord knows how) his dental work and the appliance is stuck in his esophagus – mid-chest. We didn’t have the proper tools here to deal with the situation and he is now in a hospital in the nation’s capital – Tegucigalpa. They are unable to retrieve the device, so will have to “split his chest” and do a full scale operation tomorrow at 10am. Please pray for the success of the surgery and for complete healing.

I have had a rough week or so. Lots of disappointments and hurts. Tonight has been a wonderful evening of ministry by the Holy Spirit and I’m feeling spiritually refreshed. Thank you Lord for this. I’ve been listening to Jesus Adrianne Romero a lot tonight. Music touches my heart like nothing else. Thank you Lord.

I has just started to rain gently outside – so beautiful. The nights here are so dark when it is cloudy – no street lights or anything like that. There is a nice breeze blowing and it is raining gently. Beautiful.

Recent comment from Ben after mom said, “Ben I told you not to throw mud!” : “Mom I didn’t throw the mud, I only put it in her hair!”

Recent comment from Mariah after her daddy said “Honey, I know that marriage is the farthest thing from your mind”: “Daddy, marriage isn’t the farthest thing from my mind”. Oh dear. My Mariah turns 13 in just a few more days. I can honestly say that our communication has never been better – yet another beautiful gift from the Lord. She is doing so well and I am so thankful.

A poisonous snake has been killed at another area close to the hospital recently where some younger children play. Thanking the Lord for protection for them and praying for continued protection from ALL of the dangers here for the kids (and adults alike).

I discovered the joy of eating oranges while floating in the Caribbean last Saturday. I’m so sorry to have to reveal this to all of my friends who are suffering in the cold up north.

Our Spanish is coming along really well right now. Diana (our Spanish teacher) living with us four day a week is making a HUGE difference. We are starting to tackle the subjunctive tense of verbs now. I prayed tonight that God would “loose” my tongue to speak Spanish that I might be able to preach the gospel here. There are many opportunities.

Work is slow right now. But God is providing in other ways. We’ve received far above the normal amount of monetary gifts in the last two months. It is all from Him, no matter where it comes from. Thank you Lord for your provision.