Ben’s Quest

Dear Family and Friends,

I have recently been accepted to a four-week intensive camp, called Quest. Quest, is a camp for young men who want to grow in faith, maturity, and readiness for life. At this camp young men are taught real world applicable skills ranging from basic auto care to emergency response and first aid to CPR certification. More importantly, each young man is immersed into the word of God, taught biblical study skills, and the discipline of a daily devotional. While this all benefits me in the long run, my hope is that the skills I learn will help me greatly as I volunteer at Hospital Loma de Luz.

The overall cost of this camp is approximately $3000. This amount covers the costs of travel, tuition, and supplies required by the camp. I would like to try and raise at least fifty percent of these costs to help my parents.  I would greatly appreciate whatever contributions that you guys would be willing to give toward my trip. You can give one of two ways:


Quest is a ministry of The International Alert Academy. “The International ALERT Academy is a unique Christian training and service organization whose mission is to equip individuals with the tools to prepare them for the specific callings God has placed on their lives.” I am looking forward to attending Quest in order that I might grow in my awareness of Christ, become more physically and spiritually disciplined, and learn life skills that will help me to serve others better. If you would like more information about The International Alert Academy please follow this link:

I expect that Quest will challenge me in ways I have never even considered. This is my first trip into the U.S. by myself and I know that your prayers will help me tremendously. I ask that you keep my parents in your prayers at this time as well, as they are quite attached to me :P. Thank you all for always supporting our family with your love and prayers!