Bairon’s Vacation.

Do you ever “wake up” and realize that the last few weeks have just been a blur?  It seems as if I’ve been in one of those time-warp / black hole thingees lately.   I find myself reflecting on the last few weeks and really thankful that the schedule will be calming down a bit now.  It started  around mid-April when Bairon told me that he needed to take a few weeks off.  Bairon is the (Honduran) employee that works with me in the IT department here at Loma de Luz.  Since I am his direct supervisor, I suppose it is correct to say that works “for me” but it is really more accurate to say that we work together here to solve IT problems and help keep things running smoothly.  I have to say that I never really realized how much he does each day until he went on vacation.  I found myself fighting to keep my head above water as I tried to handle his duties and keep my work for the IT business going as well.  The computers staged a coordinated revolt during Bairon’s absence.  Routers and laptops were literally throwing themselves out of windows (pun intended) and onto the ground.   I’ve never seen such coordinated malicious behavior from a group of seemingly inanimate objects.   Due mostly to the incredible patience of the folks that I work with – we managed to make it through until Bairon returned.    This went on for about two and half weeks and brought us right up to the time for a much anticipated visit from my sister Kathy.